Every Braxton Creek RV, from the BX to the LX and the Teardrop Bushwhacker, has been designed with families in mind. You’ll find high-quality construction for true reliability and safety, as well as amenity-packed interiors that provide all the comforts of home on the road.

Braxton Creek LX

Braxton Creek Travel
Trailers LX Series

Built from a sturdy, aerodynamic laminate exterior, these travel trailers are perfect at the resort, the campground, or the less-traversed park trail. Popular across the country, these RVs shine.

Braxton Creek BX

Braxton Creek Travel
Trailers BX Series

All the reliability and innovative features you expect from a modern RV, expertly crafted within a classic RV design. The BX is lightweight, durable, and filled with only the best road-ready features.

Bushwhacker Teardrop

Braxton Creek
Bushwhacker Teardrop

Designed for boondocking enthusiasts and those ready to carve their own paths, the Bushwhacker is a light, compact, and functional teardrop RV that’s more than ready for the outdoors.